Opel GT 1900 1973

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Opel GT 1900 1973


Brand: </ b> Opel
Model: </ b> GT 1900
Year: </ b> 1973
Body: </ b> Coupé
Fuel: </ b> Gasoline
Transmission: </ b> Manual
The displayed mileage: </ b> 90705 Miles
Steering wheel: </ b>
Left Nationality and other documents: </ b> US documents, taxes and duties were paid
Date of first entry: </ b> 30-6-1973
Color: </ b> Red
Working of the vehicle: </ b> engine could be started

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Aftersale information:

22-12-2018 at 17:00
Viewing day:
21-12-2018 from 13:00 till 16:00


Opel GT 1.9 built in 1973. The GT was on the market in 1970 and was the first sporty Opel. This sporty Opel GT 2-seater was extremely popular in the United States and was sold many times as in Europe. He was also called the European Corvette in Europe. The car is from Michigan, USA. In 1971 the 1,100 cc engine was replaced for the much more powerful 1.900cc engine with 90hp. The car was now able to reach a top of 185 km / h. This is one of the very last to be built. Production was stopped in the same year. Technically in an excellent working and driving condition. The 1.900cc 4 cylinder engine runs. Equipped with original steel cross rims and folding windows in the back. Performed with a black interior, black sky. In short, an Opel GT in above original condition. To get a good impression of the car we advise you to come to one of the viewing days..