Triumph Spitfire Cabriolet 1977

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9,500.00 - 11,500.00

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Bieden vanaf

Kavelnummer: 157 - 62

Kaveltype: BTW


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Sluit: ...

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  • Brand

  • Triumph

  • Model

  • Spitfire

  • Type

  • Convertible

  • Body

  • Convertible

  • Year

  • 1977

  • Registration

  • Dutch documents

  • License plate

  • 69-NV-05

  • Chassis number

  • FH87387L

  • Date of first admission

  • 06-01-1977

  • Date of first admission (NL)

  • 01-06-1977

  • Fuel

  • Gasoline

  • Odometer reading

  • 60973 Km

  • Color

  • Yellow

  • Transmission

  • Manual

  • LHD or RHD

  • LHD

  • Is in a driving condition

  • The car is in running condition


The 1977 Triumph Spitfire Cabriolet is a charming British roadster known for its compact size, maneuverability and distinctive design. This car is a beloved classic among car enthusiasts and represents the essence of open-air driving. The example offered here was originally Dutch delivered in 1977.

With its sleek, streamlined body and round headlights, the Spitfire has an attractive and recognizable design. The convertible roof could be easily folded down, allowing you to enjoy open-air driving and feel the fresh air while driving.

The Spitfire was a spirited little car that offered a pleasant driving experience due to its low weight combined with the 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine, especially on twisty roads. The car had excellent agility and responded well to driver input. The sound of the engine was characteristic and added to the car's charm. The interior of the 1977 Triumph Spitfire was simple and purposeful. The emphasis was on minimalism and weight reduction, resulting in a simple, functional cockpit.

With regard to the driving experience, the Spitfire offered a lively and engaging ride. In short, the 1977 Triumph Spitfire Convertible is a charming and characterful classic car that embodies the love of open-air driving. Whether you enjoy its classic design, its lively driving experience or simply the sense of nostalgia it evokes, the Spitfire remains a beloved choice for car enthusiasts who appreciate the simple joys of roadster driving.

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