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Citroën BX 19 GTI 16V 1987

By 16 januari 2021Juni 1st, 202156906

Citroën BX 19 GTI 16V 1987


Citroën BX 19 GTI 16V 1987
Market value: € 5.500-6.500,-
Datum eerste toelating: 23-10-1987
Brandstof: Benzine
Registratie: Nederlandse papieren
Chassisnummer: VF7XBEJ0000EJ2125
Cilinderinhoud: 4 cilinders, 1905 cc
Transmissie: Handgeschakeld
Afgelezen km. stand: 193000 Km
Kleur: Rood




€ 1.000,-

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The Citroën BX was a middle class car model of the French car brand Citroën. The BX was introduced in 1982, originally as an addition to the range alongside the Citroën GSA (the then mid-sized car of the brand). The BX was positioned somewhat higher in the market. After 4 years – in 1986 – the BX became the definitive successor to the GSA and the previous ones disappeared from the range. The BX was a family car that emphasized reliability, affordability and comfort. Characteristic of every large Citroën was the unique hydropneumatic suspension, which was also included in the BX as standard. The car was designed by Marcello Gandini from design studio Bertone. The BX was remarkably designed. The straight, angular lines that were continued in both the exterior and interior, constituted a radical break from the sloping, natural lines of the 1970s.

At its introduction, the BX was a revolutionary car, described by Carl Hahn – the then CEO of Volkswagen – as “”the best car in theory.””

The BX was a spacious family car that offered a lot of comfort to its occupants. The XUD diesel engines were rated among the best of their kind, both for their good performance and their reliability. The 1.9 PSA naturally aspirated diesel (65 hp and later 71 hp) was the most popular. Over the years, several sporty versions of the BX have appeared, such as the BX Sport, the GT, the GTi, and as the absolute top model in 1987 the BX GTi 16V which had 160 hp in the Netherlands.

About 2.3 million BXs were produced during the 12 years of its history. The cheaper models in the BX range were gradually replaced by the Citroën ZX from 1991. The more expensive versions got a successor from 1993 under the name Xantia. Initially available as a sedan and later also as a station wagon. That is why the BX Break was produced for another year.
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