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Mercedes-Benz 500SE 1987

By 25 februari 2021Juni 1st, 202156906

Mercedes-Benz 500SE 1987


Mercedes-Benz 500SE 1987
Market value: € 10.500-12.000,-
Datum eerste toelating: 00-00-1987
Brandstof: Benzine
Chassisnummer: WDB1260361A357711
Cilinderinhoud: 6 cilinders, 5000 cc
Transmissie: Automaat
Afgelezen km. stand: 259124 Km
Kleur: Blauw
Rijdende conditie: Ja




€ 1.000,-

Naar de biedpaginaNaar de biedpagina

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This car is in very good condition. the paint on the car looks just like new. No scratches. It has a electric panoramic roof. The interior of the car is made of black leather. It has no scratches. The dashboard is made of wood and is in good condition. The headlights have wipers. W126 is a top-of-the-range model series from Mercedes-Benz. Production started in September 1979 and ended in October 1991. The W126 was the second series with the official name S-class, referred to as Sonder class or ‘super class’ in Dutch. The W126 was the successor to the W116 and was replaced by the W140.

The sedans were available as S, SE and SEL. The ‘E’ stands for Einspritzer (German for injection engine) and ‘L’ means Long. The wheelbase of the SEL is 14 cm longer. The series came with four petrol engines in thirteen power versions. In the US and Canada the car was also available with a diesel engine. This version was called SD and as SDL had an extended wheelbase.

The W126 was a logical continuation of the revolutionary W116. The body was new, while the chassis and engines were modified. Mercedes addressed some criticisms of the W116. Fuel consumption was reduced in two steps and noise levels were reduced through a body with very low drag. The performance of the cars improved due to a lower weight and a more favorable aerodynamics.

The series was given a facelift in the fall of 1985. On the outside, this can be recognized by the smooth bumpers and the smooth side plating. The interior was also slightly renewed. The six-cylinder engines were replaced by a new type, so that all petrol engines now had petrol injection. An enlarged 8-cylinder engine with 5.6 liter displacement and 300 hp was also available. This allowed the cars to reach a top speed of 250 km / h.

A number of important safety technologies have been introduced in the W126, such as an electronically controlled ABS. It was also one of the first cars to carry out extensive crash tests.

The excellent characteristics and high build quality of the cars led to enormous sales success. The series went through an unprecedentedly long production period of 12 years. A total of 818,063 vehicles of the W126 were produced. Bruno Sacco was responsible for the design.
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