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Fiat 1500 OSI Familiare 1966

By 26 mei 2021juni 1st, 202156906

Fiat 1500 OSI Familiare 1966


Fiat 1500 OSI Familiare 1966
Market value: € 12.000-14.000,-
Datum eerste toelating: 01-02-1966
Brandstof: Benzine
Registratie: Italiaanse papieren
Chassisnummer: 19990
Cilinderinhoud: 4 cilinders, 1500 cc
Transmissie: Handgeschakeld
Afgelezen km. stand: 29450 Km
Kleur: Wit
Rijdende conditie: Ja




€ 1.000,-

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This beautiful vehicle is a 1500 OSI Familiare station wagon from 1966. It comes from southern Italy from a collector who has lovingly cared for it. The Fiat is in very nice condition and is still completely original with a nice patina.
The first orders for OSI vehicle production come from Innocenti and Fat with the Fiat 2300 Coupe models and later with the Fiat 1300/1500 Familiare. As of 1962, OSI employs around 645 people and produces almost 50 cars a day. With the new managing director Giacomo Bianco, OSI will have its own design department in the Turin suburb of Borgaro from 1965 onwards. At times, up to 80 employees work here in the areas of design, development, construction and prototype construction. In 1966, OSI expanded its premises with another two buildings and the number of employees grew to 2,000. During this time, OSI is also repeatedly looking at alternatives for conventional steel bodies. Various prototypes with aluminum or fiberglass bodies are created, as well as a model made of vacuum-formable plastic that was part of a collaboration with Alpine Engineering and Mabon-Chemical. To get a good idea of the car, we advise you to come to one of the viewing days.


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