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Auction your car

At CCA you can easily have your Classic, Sports car, Youngtimer or Special auctioned. This can be one car or several.

With every input you can expect the following from us:

  • An extensive photo report of about 30 to 40 photos of your car
  • A detailed description tailored to your vehicle
  • Advertisements on multiple (European) car ad sites
  • Storage of your contribution at our company location until after the auction
  • An extensive auction announcement via the BVA Auctions mailing (more than 2 million registered bidders), the CCA newsletter and Social Media
  • Several viewing days during which the employees of CCA guide interested buyers during a viewing
  • In the event of a successful sale, the car will be delivered to the buyer and we will take care of the transfer of the documents, the indemnification and the financial settlement.
  • The minimum amount to be achieved will be determined in mutual consultation. A car will never be awarded without permission if this amount is not met.


We charge the following commission for a successful sale:

Up to 10,000 = 10%
From € 10,000-25,000 = 9%
From € 25,000-50,000 = 8%
From € 50,000-100,000 = 7%
Above €100,000 = 6%

We charge € 150 per car per auction as a fixed contribution fee. This amount is only calculated if the car is not sold. If a car has not been sold, it can be stored with us free of charge for 2 weeks after the auction closes. After this period we charge storage costs of € 5 per day.

Would you like to bring in a car or would you like further information? Contact us using the form on this page.

Do you have a large number of cars, or an entire collection that you want to auction? We also organize and provide auctions on location.

Cars that are offered for auction must be delivered with a full battery and at least 15 liters of fuel.

All stated amounts are exclusive of VAT.

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