Classic Car Auctions is a partner of BVA Auctions, the online auction house in the Netherlands

Classic Car Auctions is intended for the online purchase and sale of classic or special cars. This can be a Ferrari, Maserati, Porsche or Jaguar, but also a Citroën DS, Volkswagen Beetle or Fiat 500. The condition of the cars can vary from restoration object to a copy in top condition. The target is cars from before 1990 as well as the so-called instant classics, cars that are already special the moment they leave the factory.

The idea is that a wide audience and a large collection of classics come together several times a year via this site and in our auction building, where the offered cars can be viewed during the viewing days.

Extensive reports and a photo report are made of the offered cars. These can be seen on the site, so that every buyer gets a good insight into the collection on offer.

Registration is free and completed within 5 minutes. After this registration, you can bid on the classic of your choice. Of course these bids are under notarial supervision and the sale and auction conditions of Classic Car Auctions apply.

The classics on offer can come from both the private and business market. For example, you may come across unexpected and unknown copies at Classic Car Auctions, which makes viewing the offer a pleasant and surprising activity.

Initially, we focus on the market in the Netherlands and the surrounding area, but the intention is to keep broadening our view, so that it is not inconceivable in the future that you will find classics that are offered on the other side of the world. … ..Or that your classic can soon be found in the streets of Dubai!

Auctions of Classic Car Auctions are under notarial supervision, which guarantees full transparency. In addition, Classic Car Auctions complies with strict compliance rules. The proceeds that are collected by Classic Car Auctions upon sale are deposited into a foundation account of third parties.

If you want to register your classic yourself, you can Auction your car.