Ferrari FF 2011



132.000,00 - 143.000,00

Dit is een openbare veiling. Een uitgebracht bod op dit kavel is bindend. Maak a.u.b. gebruik van de kijkdagen alvorens een bod uit te brengen. Op dit kavel is geen recht van retour van toepassing.

Kavelnummer: 164 - 1

Kaveltype: % BTW


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Sluit: ...

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  • Brand

  • Ferrari

  • Model

  • FF

  • Body

  • Coupe

  • Year

  • 2011

  • Registration

  • Nederlandse documenten

  • License plate

  • ZB-627-X

  • Chassis number

  • ZFF73SKB000184015

  • Date of first admission

  • 27-10-2011

  • Date of first admission (NL)

  • 24-05-2023

  • Fuel

  • Benzine

  • Odometer reading

  • 73169 Km

  • Color

  • Donkergroen

  • Transmission

  • Semi-automaat

  • LHD or RHD

  • LHD

  • Is in a driving condition

  • Ja

  • Valid MOT until

  • 22-11-2024


In the year 2011, the world was introduced to the Ferrari FF 6.2 V12, a grand tourer that turned the automotive world upside down.

The Ferrari FF, which stands for "Ferrari Four," was no ordinary sports car. It was a bold step forward, a four-seat model with an unmistakably powerful V12 engine. The sound of the 6.3-liter powerhouse coming to life with 651 horsepower left a deep impression on any car enthusiast lucky enough to hear it.

What made the FF truly unique was its unexpected feature: all-wheel drive. For the first time in Ferrari's street car history, the FF offered a refined all-wheel-drive system that merged the elegance of a grand tourer with the raw power of a supercar. It made the FF a master of versatility, suitable for both the sun-drenched curves of the Amalfi Coast and the snow-covered mountain roads of the Swiss Alps.

The FF's appearance was a feat of art and engineering. A shooting brake body shape gave the car a unique profile, with a streamlined front end that contrasted with the wider rear end. Pininfarina had createdëered a masterpiece, a car that was not only fast on the straight, but also offered a visual spectacle.

Interior was all luxury, Italian leather enveloped the seats, and advanced technologyën brought the cockpit to life.

This Ferrari was purchased from an officialële Ferrari dealer in Denmark. The then owner wanted an even more unique object and had the car completely professionally painted in its current color. The car is, also shown by the booklets, well maintained up to the present. Both interior and exterior of the car is in good condition.

To get a good picture of the lot we advise you to come to the viewing day.

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