Ford Mustang Fastback 1967

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67,000.00 - 74,000.00

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Kavelnummer: 157 - 24

Kaveltype: BTW


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  • Brand

  • Ford

  • Model

  • Mustang

  • Type

  • Fastback

  • Body

  • Coupe

  • Year

  • 1967

  • Registration

  • German H admission

  • Chassis number

  • 7R02C226973

  • Date of first admission

  • 01-07-1967

  • Fuel

  • Gasoline

  • Odometer reading

  • 94063 Miles

  • Color

  • Blue

  • Transmission

  • Manual

  • LHD or RHD

  • LHD

  • Is in a driving condition

  • The car is in running condition


The 1967 Ford Mustang Fastback is one of the most iconic and beloved models in the history of American muscle cars. This model belongs to the first generation of the Mustang, which revolutionized the auto industry with its stylish design, affordable price and attractive performance. The Fastback variant, in particular, is known for its sporty and streamlined appearance.

In 1967, the Mustang received some significant updates in design and performance. The model became slightly larger and took on a more aggressive appearance, with a wider and longer design that offered more space and comfort. The Fastback version was characterized by its distinctive sloping roofline, which blended seamlessly into the trunk lid, giving the car a unique and sporty appearance.

The exterior of the 1967 Mustang Fastback was characterized by classic muscle car proportions, with a long hood, a short rear end, and streamlined lines. Other distinctive design elements included the triple tail lights, the prominent grille with the Mustang emblem, and often a range of options such as stripes and other sporty accents.

The interior of the Mustang Fastback focused on both comfort and style, with a cockpit-like layout that gave the driver a sense of control and excitement. The interior was functional and relatively simple, yet offered ample comfort and convenience.

Technically, the 1967 Mustang Fastback was designed to provide a good balance between performance and everyday convenience. With a range of engine options, a solid suspension and reasonable handling, the Mustang was suitable for daily use as well as more sporty drives.

This Ford Mustang has been thoroughly refinished in many areas: For example, the engine block is as good as new, as is the exhaust, interior and chrome work. The engine is a 408 Stroker engine with lots of power, aluminum cylinder heads and a dual exhaust.In short: a very nice and unspoiled muscle car.

The 1967 Ford Mustang Fastback remains a highly sought-after model among collectors and classic car enthusiasts. It represents a golden era in the American auto industry, where style, performance and accessibility merged to create an enduring automotive icon.

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