GMC Sierra Pick-up 1977



10.000,00 - 13.000,00

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Kavelnummer: 157 - 23

Kaveltype: % BTW


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  • Brand

  • GMC

  • Model

  • Sierra

  • Type

  • Pick-up

  • Body

  • Pickup

  • Year

  • 1977

  • Registration

  • US title with import document

  • Chassis number

  • TCL2471528874

  • Date of first admission

  • 01-07-1977

  • Fuel

  • Gasoline

  • Odometer reading

  • 13031 Miles

  • Color

  • Blue

  • Transmission

  • Automatic

  • LHD or RHD

  • LHD

  • Is in a driving condition

  • The car is in running condition


The 1977 GMC Sierra Pickup is a signature example of the rugged and functional American pickup trucks of the 1970s. Designed for both work and leisure, these trucks were valued for their durability, versatility and powerful performance.

In 1977, the GMC Sierra was part of what is known as the "Round Line" or the third generation of GMC and Chevrolet C/K pickups. This generation, which was produced from 1973 to 1987, introduced a number of innovations and improvements over earlier models, including improved suspension, increased cabin comfort, and an updated design.

The Sierra line was the more upscale version of GMC's standard pickup models, often equipped with additional features and a higher level of finish. The 1977 Sierra was powered by a range of engine options, including reliable V6 and more powerful V8 engines. These engines offered a good balance of performance and efficiency, making the Sierra a popular choice for both commercial use and personal needs.

The exterior of the 1977 GMC Sierra was rugged and functional, with a distinct and rugged design that was characteristic of the pickup trucks of the era. The trucks had a square, solid build with striking lines and ample cargo space.

The interior of the Sierra was simple but comfortable, with a functional layout and plenty of room for both driver and passengers.

Technically, the 1977 GMC Sierra Pickup was designed for both durability and practicality. With features such as a solid suspension and a sturdy frame, the Sierra could handle a range of tasks, from pulling heavy loads to comfortable highway driving.

This tough GMC pickup features eight-hole rims, and the V8 with automatic transmission runs well.

The 1977 GMC Sierra Pickup remains a popular choice for classic truck enthusiasts, who appreciate the solidity and versatility of American pickups from this period. The model represents an era when functionality and durability were at the forefront of pickup truck design.

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