Jaguar XJ6 Sedan 1984



11.000,00 - 14.000,00

Dit is een openbare veiling. Een uitgebracht bod op dit kavel is bindend. Maak a.u.b. gebruik van de kijkdagen alvorens een bod uit te brengen. Op dit kavel is geen recht van retour van toepassing.

Kavelnummer: 157 - 21

Kaveltype: % BTW


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Sluit: ...

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  • Brand

  • Jaguar

  • Model

  • XJ6

  • Type

  • Sedan

  • Body

  • Sedan

  • Year

  • 1984

  • Registration

  • Dutch documents

  • License plate

  • H-438-GH

  • Chassis number

  • SAJJAVLN4EC388914

  • Date of first admission

  • 28-02-1984

  • Date of first admission (NL)

  • 20-01-2020

  • Fuel

  • Gasoline

  • Odometer reading

  • 85699 Miles

  • Color

  • Red

  • Transmission

  • Automatic

  • LHD or RHD

  • LHD

  • Is in a driving condition

  • The car is in running condition

  • Valid MOT until

  • 24-08-2025


The 1984 Jaguar XJ6 Sedan is a refined and elegant car that embodies the essence of British luxury and craftsmanship of the time. This model belongs to the Series III of the XJ line, which was characterized by its classic design and premium build quality. The XJ6 was a major player in the luxury segment and was respected for its style, comfort and performance.

The "6" in XJ6 indicates the six-cylinder in-line engine, a configuration Jaguar was known for. These engines were beloved for their smooth power and refined sound. The engine in the 1984 XJ6 offered a good balance between performance and efficiency, making the car suitable for both comfortable cruising and a more dynamic driving style.

Esthetically, the 1984 XJ6 combined traditional Jaguar elegance with modern styling elements. The design featured a long hood, graceful lines, and a distinctive grille, which together created a timeless look. The Series III models had subtle updates to the exterior design that gave the car a fresh and contemporary look.

The interior of the Jaguar XJ6 exuded luxury and comfort. It was richly finished with high-quality materials such as leather, wood veneers, and soft carpeting. The cabin was spacious and offered ample comfort for both driver and passengers, with an emphasis on quietness and refinement.

This is a very well-documented Jaguar XJ6 from the state of Californiaë which has always been cherished. Meanwhile, this jaguar has a Dutch license plate and a valid MOT inspection and the car is free of rust.

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