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Bentley Arnage 6.8 V8 Red Label LM 2003

By June 26, 202158060

Bentley Arnage 6.8 V8 Red Label LM 2003


Bentley Arnage 6.8 V8 Red Label LM 2003
Market value: € 35.000-39.000,-
Date of first admission: 07-02-2003
Date of first admission NL: 06-06-2019
Fuel: Gasoline
License Plate: ZH-762-Z
APK expiration date: 30-06-2021
Registration: Dutch documents
Chassis number: SCBLC31E52CX08037
Cylinder capacity: 8 cylinders, 6761 cc
Transmission: Automatic transmission
Read km. position: 137956 Km
Color: Blue
Driving condition: Yes

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Starting bid

€ 1.000,-

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Auction information

To get a good idea of the lot, we advise you to come to one of the viewing days.

Start auction:
9-7-2021 at 17:00 o'clock
7/28/2021 from 8 p.m
Viewing days:
17-7-2021 from 10:00 to 16:00
7/27-2021 from 10:00 to 16:00


This elegant Bentley Arnage is in a neat and driving condition. Both the interior and exterior look good overall. Various documentation is available. There is a valid MOT until 06/30/2021. A year after the release of the Arnage, Bentley presented a new variant: the Arnage Red Label. Under the hood of the first Arnage was a modern V8 engine from BMW. The traditional Bentley audience was not very fond of this. In addition, a takeover battle had raged between BMW and Volkswagen over the takeover of Bentley and Rolls-Royce. In the flames of the battle, BMW had threatened to stop supplying engines to Bentley. Bentley had therefore taken the old 6.75 liter V8 back from the stable and modernized it. This engine is used in the Arnage Red Label. In the front of the Arnage Red Label is the 'old' V8 engine with a capacity of 6.75 liters. Basically the engine is more old-fashioned than the BMW engine of the regular Arnage. The engine has two valves per cylinder and a single Garret turbo. In terms of power, the 6.75 liter engine of the Red Label, the newer V8 from BMW, is the boss, with a maximum output of 405 hp, against the 354 hp of the regular Arnage standard. The difference in torque is even greater. The Red Label has a torque of 835 Nm, the standard does not exceed 570 Nm. The Red Label uses a four-speed automatic gearbox originally from General Motors. The Arnage Red Label is driven on the rear wheels. The interior of the Arnage radiates luxury, through the use of only beautiful 1st choice materials such as leather and wood. The instrument panel is housed in beautiful wood and the dashboard is completely finished with leather. Behind the wheel are two large gauges for speed and rpm. More to the center of the dashboard, another five small gauges can be seen. The ventilation grilles are made of aluminum and have the typical round design. The center console is also top finished with the finest wood. To get a good idea of the car, we advise you to come to one of the viewing days.


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