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in Uithoorn

We have deployed additional measures & options for the current auctions.
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Start auction: Thursday December 17, 2020 at 5:00 PM
Closure: Thursday January 28, 2021 from 8:00 PM

Viewing days:
In connection with the stricter measures, you can only use the viewing day if you have made an appointment. Registration for the viewing days is therefore mandatory. Register via this link for the viewing day and more information

As an extra service we offer to deliver the won motorcycle within the Netherlands for € 150 (incl. VAT). If you live abroad, we can arrange transport in consultation at the best possible rate.

Pick up day:
Monday, February 8, 2021 from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Anthony Fokkerweg 7
1422 AE Uithoorn
the Netherlands


Any stated years generally indicate the model and / or production year, whereby the registration number is of course based on the first national authorization, whereby these may differ from each other in practice.

For the various (technical) specifications, great care has been taken to obtain and state the correct (background) information from various sources, whereby we are dependent and must rely on all available data. Despite the very careful composition, in practice this does not give a full guarantee on the exact correctness of each information! Despite the fact that we have checked everything carefully, we cannot be held responsible that every detail is exactly correct.

It also applies to the complete originality of every engine, that as much as possible has been tried to maintain the originality, but that in practice this is not always possible for various reasons (including parts that are no longer available at all).

All bikes were purchased by the current owner after inspection and a test drive (driving). However, with this size of the collection, it is not feasible to replace the timing belts (Ducati prescription) on all motorcycles every three years. As a result, the current state of replacement of the various belts can vary by several years. This is sufficient reason not to recommend the risk of breaking the belts during or after starting the engines. The advice is therefore that every engine after purchase has a small or major overhaul by an expert, whereby at least the timing belts are replaced.

It can also happen that a clutch or brake does not work or works less due to a long standstill. This is usually due to air in the pipe system in combination with the stock of liquid in the relevant reservoir. This is usually fairly easy to repair by venting the pipe system.

Additional information

On behalf of various private and business sellers, Classic Car Auctions organizes this online auction in collaboration with BVA Auctions. You can bid on a motorcycle by clicking on the button “To the bidding page”, after which you will be referred to the auction section of the BVA Auctions website.

It is always possible to bring in cars or motorcycles for the next auction. For information about the conditions, please contact our contact form.

Because the motorcycles are sold in the auction without warranty, we advise you to personally inspect the motorcycles on the viewing days. It is also possible to have this done by an expert. If desired, a special appointment can be made for this. Please check your local vehicle registration laws prior to bidding. Neither the seller, nor Classic Car Auctions, nor BVA Auctions is responsible for the registration of the vehicle in your country.

The lot description on the website is based on the information known to Classic Car Auctions. Classic Car Auctions is not a garage or repair company and does not check whether everything is functioning properly.

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