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Mercedes-Benz 300SE 1962

By 14 maart 2021Juni 1st, 202156906

Mercedes-Benz 300SE 1962


Mercedes-Benz 300SE 1962
Market value: € 31.000-34.000,-
Datum eerste toelating: 01.11.1962
Brandstof: Benzine
Registratie: Nederlandse papieren
Chassisnummer: 1120141001729
Cilinderinhoud: 6 cilinders, 2996 cc
Transmissie: Automaat
Afgelezen km. stand: 56032 Km
Kleur: Zwart
Rijdende conditie: Ja




€ 1.000,-

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The 300SE has been the top model in the Mercedes-Benz delivery program for a short time. After ceasing production of the large 300d limousine in 1961 until the introduction of the Mercedes 600 in 1963. The car was almost three times as expensive as a W110 190c but looked the same to an average passerby. This was an immediate shortcoming of the W112.

To reduce this effect somewhat, Mercedes has applied more than extra chrome moldings and strips to the entire car. For example, the car has (extremely vulnerable) aluminum sill trim and long moldings over the side contours. The vent on the C column had an extra chrome strip marked “”300SE””. In the later models even the nameplate was framed with extra chrome to make it clear that it was the top model.

Furthermore, the car had a very luxurious interior with a lot of woodwork compared to the already poorly endowed W111. In particular, the wide wooden moldings under the side windows stand out and have a different, more luxurious fabric (checkered instead of striped) or leather pattern (with different leather tracks and extra perforation similar to the coupé models). The long version also had different door panels and a modified C-pillar vent that strangely enough looked more like the cheapest model; that of the 190c.

The last owner drove a lot of rally’s with this car, The stickers from the rally’s are all over the Mercedes. It has race seats and race belts. It also has a roll cage. So ready for a rally to ride. Most of the rally’s driven by this car where in the Netherlands. the previous owner was very careful with the car you can see that on the exterior. The paint is in very good condition. The chrome is also in good condition. On the inside of the car you have a beautiful black leather dashboard. Which is also in very good condition.
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