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Lotus Elan +2 1973

By 4 april 2021juni 1st, 202156906

Lotus Elan +2 1973


Lotus Elan +2 1973
Market value: € 49.000-54.000,-
Datum eerste toelating: 28-08-1973
Brandstof: Benzine
Registratie: Nederlandse papieren
Chassisnummer: UL00130250
Cilinderinhoud: 4 cilinders, 1558 cc
Transmissie: Handgeschakeld
Afgelezen km. stand: 23883 Km
Kleur: Blauw
Rijdende conditie: Ja




€ 1.000,-

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It has been said of Colin Chapman that while he always claimed that he designed cars he wanted to drive, as he matured so those designs kept pace. The Lotus Elan +2 certainly offers the early middle-aged family man Lotus handling and performance allied to accommodation for two adults plus two small children, or a third adult in the rear. When first introduced in 1967, the Lotus Elan +2 cost £1,672 in component form (still offered then) or £1,923 fully built, including UK purchase tax. The Lotus +2 remained in production until December 1969 while from that October a new +2S was marketed as a more luxurious variant with improved interior trim, fog lamps and an alternator amongst other former extras. For the first time here was a Lotus that was offered only in fully-built form, and not as a kit.

The end result was a two-plus-two of considerable charm and style that was capable of genuine 120mph cruising, and blessed with a 0-60mph acceleration time of around 8 seconds. The first +2S 130 then replaced the +2S in February, 1971. This enhanced model offered much-demanded extra horsepower in the 126bhp Big Valve Twin Cam power unit, and externally the model was instantly recognizable thanks to its self-coloured contrasting roof, in silver.
The Big Valve engine boosted performance to 125mph flat-out accompanied by a 0.60mph time of some 7.5 seconds. The optional extra of a five-speed gearbox was added in October 1972, triggering the amended model title of +2S 130/5. This extra long-legged gearing offered new Lotus owners a tremendous bonus, in that it reduced engine rpm in top gear cruising by as much as 1,400rpm, which made for infinitely more peaceful long-distance motoring.

This unrestored Lotus Elan +2 S130 is the last of its type to be fitted with the five-speed gearbox option, mated to the wonderful twin-cam engine. It was first registered on August 28, 1973, in the Netherlands, and was owned for many years by a Mr Molenaar, who was a member of the Dutch Lotus Club and resident in Zaandam. He had owned the car for some 26 years when it was purchased from him by Olav Glasius on March 1, 1999.

It is one of the rare Lotus Elan +2S cars to have been finished in the original factory option scheme of blue with metallic silver roof. It was acquired in good general order, and rides presently on special wheels while a full set of original wheels are available with this Lot.

Amongst the various options embodied in this most handsome yet unusual production Lotus is an outside air temperature gauge which was quite a startling feature in period. During its lengthy preservation within the Glasius Collection the car has been unused and it is offered here unrestored and highly original.

Production of the +2 family totaled some 5,168 units. This particular example offered here is to the ultimate specification, featuring every option, and it will surely enhance any enthusiast’s collection, while providing some distinctive and thoroughly fulfilling motoring in the classical Lotus style…most crucially with space available for all the average family. To get a good idea of the car, we advise you to come to one of the viewing days.


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