Ford GTD 40 Mark II 1992

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Ford GTD 40 Mark II 1992


Ford GTD 40 Mark II 1992
Estimate: € 85.000-95.000,-
Date of first admission: 01-07-1992
Fuel: Gasoline
Registration: Belgian documents
Chassis number: BB36GD28965
Transmission: Manual transmission
Read km. position: 9028 Km
Color: Yellow
Driving condition: Yes

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25-3-2020 at 5:00 PM
22-4-2020 from 8:30 PM
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Produced on order at the factory of GT Developments in POOLE, near Bournemouth, UK in 1992. Chassis number BB 36GD28965. Registered in Belgium in 1993 = number plate NBH237. Specification details: original Full spec sheet enclosed here below, Engine 4,999 liter with special forged 4 bolt Crankshaft from FORD Motorsports, special racing heads / racing valves with hydraulic rollers, electronic ignition with choice of three max-rpm chips. The MKII body was specially manufactured at a lesser thickness to reduce weight, no upholstery nor the airconditioning was mounted (weight reductions) and the car was factory equipped with a complete rollcage. Since the delivery the car has been improved continiously as follows (all (!!) documents and bills are available): Racing pedal box and adjustable (F / R) brake pumps, Extra large waterpump, special racing camshaft and new higher Edelbrock airintake manifold , bigger 4 barrel Holley carburettor, Kwik rack steering housing for track use, car is fully put on strong “rose joints”, has new enlarged Alcon brakes front and rear, extra oil cooler on left hand side, steelrod gearbox connections (no cables) , very heavy anti-rollbar at the rear, and several rim and wheel combinations (dry and wet). Rear suspension was lowered at 11 mm 6 years ago. Most expensive modification in 2000 was the SADEV strait-gears gearbox modification (€ 10,000) or the orignal Renault box which had syncromesh. This is one of the fastest gearbox in this type of car and is indestructible under normal circumstances and maintenance. The car is now tuned for max speed of close to 280 km / h and accelerates to 100 km / h under 4 seconds easily. The car has been successfully raced Spa Francorchamps, Zolder, Goodwood, Silverstone, Croix and Ternois and Folembray. To get a good impression of the car, we advise you to come to one of the viewing days.


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